Fritters, Patties, Latkes & Savory Pancakes

Fritters, Patties, Latkes & Savory Pancakes


One can turn most anything into a fritter, patty, latke-like thing. It rarely fails to:

  • Taste good
  • Use up whatever random bits of vegetables, herbs, cooked grains, etc. I have
  • Turn vegetable skeptics into vegetable eaters if not lovers
  • Serve as a one dish meal if time is short
  • Is an excuse to eat Sriracha Mayo/Yogurt
  • Serve as a good, portable snack

And I never deep fry them, because I’m frugal and don’t want to use that much oil and because it makes a mess and because I think they great just pan-fried in a bit of oil.


If your batter isn’t holding together well when you’re frying the patties, a little more flour and/or an (additional) egg, usually does the trick.


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