Workplace Wellness (at Home?)
What makes a healthy, happy and productive employee?

The Case for Cooking: to nourish ourselves, relieve stress and thrive!


How can we build community when our teams are working remotely? How can we nourish ourselves, physically and emotionally? Taking even a short amount of time to prepare a meal from whole ingredients nourishes our bodies and gives our brains a break, a re-set, a moment of creativity away from our desks and devices. Coming together with Kitchen Conversations gives us a chance to connect at a virtual kitchen table.

Cooking dinner frequently at home is associated with better eating and increased vegetable consumption. Cook With What You Have (CWWYH) brings a flexible, pantry-based approach to cooking and a focus on flavor and fresh produce.

  • What’s a quick way to get a healthy dinner on the table?
  • How do I stretch my grocery budget and still enjoy a variety of foods?
  • When will it get easier to cook?
  • How can I make a meal out of the random items in my fridge?

CWWYH offers employees inspiration and tools to cook simple, delicious and nutritious meals in a variety of ways:

Kitchen Conversations: Virtual Cooking Demos/Webinars:

Webinars bring CWWYH Founder and CEO Katherine Deumling directly to clients and their teams on relevant topics, including:

  • Pantry Tips & Simple Meals
  • Creative Salads
  • A Little Prep, A Lot of Freedom!
  • Love your Leftovers

Access the Seasonal Recipe Collection for:

  • Guidance to make something good with what's in the fridge/pantry!
  • 1000+ delicious recipes
  • Fewer trips to the store and less food waste = dollars saved!
  • How to stock your pantry and cook from it
  • Recipes developed by a busy professional/mother using pantry staples

Cooking Classes -- Lunch & Learns -- Presentations

Cook With What You Have CEO Katherine Deumling is a dynamic teacher. She offers a variety of classes and demonstrations to get people into the kitchen and set them up for long term success.


  • How can we nourish ourselves and our families as busy parents and professionals?
  • How savvy shopping and cooking can support your financial wellness goals.
  • How can food/nutrition support us during illness? As a breast cancer survivor, Katherine brings her lived experience and deep knowledge of food to the topic of illness and stress.
  • As a local food advocate she speaks about food systems, equity and access to good food, and how are food choices matter.
Past and present Workplace Wellness clients include Kaiser Permanente, Umpqua Bank, A2 Global Electronics, Integrate, Extensis, SAIF, Columbia Sportswear, Legacy Health Systems, Metropolitan Group, Miller Nash Graham and Dunn LLP, FoodCorps, Clackamas County, Oregon Food Bank, POIC, Oregon Community Foundation, Portland Farmers Market Fund and Organically Grown Company.

Workplace Wellness Cost

Each company or NGO has unique needs. Prices are informed by the number of employees and the mix of services desired. Please contact Cook With What You Have for details.


Speaking Engagements

Katherine is available to speak at conferences and events in the Pacific Northwest.


Community Work

Katherine works with a variety of community partners; teaching, cooking and advocating for good food for all. Partners include Street Roots, POIC, Ecotrust and CSA Partnerships for Health.


Private Classes

Katherine occasionally teaches private cooking class. Contact Cook With What You Have for details.

"What I found most valuable was Katherine took simple ingredients and transformed them into more desirable menu items and she incorporated ideas that make the way I think about cooking fun and interchangeable. Also, I have used a potato peeler for years to peel ginger and to see her do it with a spoon is a game changer! Her concepts of "staples" reinforced the way I do my grocery shopping and it was refreshing to have her share 4 recipes in one hour that were practical and useful! Katherine's demonstration was very enjoyable and I am so glad our company partnered with Cigna to provide a virtual cooking class!"
"I understand that you are catering to an audience with a large array of abilities. You're teaching people like me, who can't put two ingredients together, to the Alton Browns of the world. I air-fry everything, so I'm the furthest thing from a cook (I can't overstate the lack of my cooking abilities ). But, I found it very interesting how you were able to remotely teach everyone. The most valuable thing I took away is that butter and cilantro make everything better. I'll probably be buying some cilantro soon. Thank you!!"
"Thanks to the webinar I may give myself a second chance using a cast iron pan and try a few recipes I have always wanted to. I especially loved how Katherine is open to combining ingredients we have and not limiting ourselves to celebrity chef’s rules, as this is not a reality for most of us. It was a truly refreshing and positive person to meet! Great experience, especially for those who like to cook and not waste food!"
"I loved every aspect of the class and particularly loved her knowledge on herbs. She’s inspiring me to grow my own!"