The Seasonal Recipe Collection
. . . so you can eat well and enjoy beautiful vegetables year-round

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  • To remember that all you might need is olive oil and salt
  • For that feeling of glee when you made something tasty using what you had
  • For leftovers you can't wait to eat
  • To remember to stock things you/your family like and can turn into meals
  • For ways to make vegetables & herbs the stars
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What is the Seasonal Recipe Collection?

  • Recipes developed by a busy, vegetable-loving mother using pantry staples (plenty of meaty options too)
  • A searchable collection of 1000+ delicious recipes
  • Recipes and recipe templates to accommodate what you have on hand
  • Comes with a brief weekly newsletters to remind you it's there for you
  • Vegetables take center stage but the Collection has recipes for a wide variety of tastes and preferences
  • Veg prep & other helpful videos
"You consistently provide me with new ways of using old favorites, and remind me of flavor combinations I had forgotten about, or not yet thought to try. The recipes are blessedly concise and unintimidating. The whole site feels comfortable, fresh, and nourishing."