"We know vegetables are good for us and they are so varied and beautiful and delicious. Whether you eat mostly plants or have butter on your toast every morning or bacon in your greens, enjoy your food!"

- Katherine Deumling, Founder of Cook With What You Have | I'm on a mission, read my full manifesto here!

Become that cook who can create a meal out of what's on hand!

Are you in a cooking rut? Do you want simple, delicious and nutritious week-night meals? Tired of browsing 5 different sites to find inspiration for what's in your crisper?

I've organized the Seasonal Recipe Collection by vegetable and you can scan dozens of recipes for each vegetable at a glance! The ad-free site is intuitive and easy to use!
» A searchable collection of 900+ recipes at your fingertips 24/7
» Weekly newsletters with ideas and recipes for every day meals
» More creative and adaptable than meal plans
5.99/mo | $49.99/yr

Are you a (CSA) Farmer? Do your customers need cooking tips & recipes to get the most out of their produce?

Simple, flexible recipes, template and tips relieve you of being the chef in addition to the farmer. Give your members access to the Seasonal Recipe Collection.