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Recipe Collection/CSA


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“Katherine’s recipes have transformed the way my family eats. Every week, we look forward to both our basket from our CSA and Katherine’s recipes; she has an incredible way of combining the fresh produce with items we already have in the house — mustard, a lemon, rice — to create unique dishes that everybody loves — even my three teenagers. A CSA basket can at times be daunting: what am I going to do with all of that celeriac? With Katherine’s recipes, I never doubt that we’ll be able to whip up amazing, healthy dinners every night that utilize everything in the basket. I wouldn’t subscribe to the CSA if they did not partner with Katherine!” — K. Raphael

Welcome to the Cook With What You Have CSA Farm Membership. You and your members now have access to a deep collection of recipes, tips, and ideas for making the most of the  produce you grow and share. The alphabetical produce list on the right is the guide to the 700+ recipe posts. Each vegetable/fruit/herb section begins with a page on my approach to it, its particular characteristics and a list of flavors and ingredients that are particularly suited to it. Below the produce list you will also see categories such as CSA Heavy Hitter, which offer further ideas to make the most of the weekly bounty.

Recipes and tips are written with an eye toward flexibility, giving you ideas of how to substitute one vegetable for another (onions instead of shallots, turnip greens instead of spinach . . .). scale up or down, and creatively use what’s in your pantry so that pulling together dinner can be simple and satisfying.

Note: Tags like vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, etc. are not used because most recipes can be adapted to suit a wide variety of tastes, preferences and needs!

If your CSA has subscribed to a regular customized post to augment the overall recipe collection, you can link to it here:
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This page changes frequently to feature links to recipes and ideas for peak season produce and will help guide you to particularly relevant recipes on the site.

This dish combines to early summer favorites–salad turnips and shelling peas–into one fragrant, addictive dish.

This robust salad is a nice variation on a classic potato salad, using broccoli and potatoes, herbs and gribiche dressing made with cooked egg yolks, mustard, tarragon and parsley.

Header Photo by Shawn Linehan