Vegetables & Chocolate

Vegetables & Chocolate

I feel like a child experiencing things for the first time. We had family and friends over for my son’s birthday recently and I realized it was the first time in eight months that we’d had people over for dinner. I didn’t feel sick. I had a bit of hair on my head and yes those eye brows and eye lashes are coming back too! I wasn’t queasy. We didn’t really talk about this pathology or that chemo schedule. We just ate and laughed and it was simply wonderful.

And speaking of eating, vegetables are still my big love but chocolate is a close second. The beautiful bars of dark chocolate, friends kindly dropped by, piled up for months while my taste buds were playing tricks on me. But no more tricks like that! Now my lunch trick is this: eat a lovely bowl of whatever vegetable, herb, bean, grain, sauce concoction I happen to have and then casually sort through said pile of chocolate and pick one and eat some, maybe lots of it! Life is good!

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