Sunchoke Cauliflower Soup with Quick Parsley Walnut Pesto

This soup is simple and comforting. The sunchoke flavor shines through, but the cauliflower mellows it just slightly. Potatoes or another mild root veggie would do the same thing. The pesto is optional of course, but it adds a nice zing to the soup.   Variations: Swap a few potatoes or parsnips for the cauliflower Use leeks or shallots in place of the onion Omit the optional cream for a vegan soup Top with any pesto or bright, herby sauce you have on hand ... Read more »

Spiced Cauliflower Steaks

These are beautiful, delicious and very quick to make. Here's a similar but plainer, version.   You will end up with a few beautiful steaks that hold together and lots of smaller bits--they'll taste just as good. I suggest adding a little water to the pan when cooking the second side to make sure the cauliflower is tender and crisp but not burned. You can omit the water and watch the heat carefully but the water speeds things up a bit.... Read more »