Last night my 10-year-old son fell asleep holding my hand. I don’t know if he did this because he has a bummer of a cold or because my hand was just close by–I was sitting in a bean bag chair next to his bed. Before he fell asleep he asked if I could just bring my laptop in to his room and work next to him while he fell asleep. I started out working but then something made me put down the computer and then he took my hand.


One year ago today I wrote this post about how my illness forced some serious introspection and how I looked forward to keeping this newfound perspective once I was healthy again. As I’ve begun working more and socializing more and basically re-entering the world I stepped out of last summer, I’ve sometimes had a hard time living the changes I made over the last year. We live in a busy, busy world and staying mindful in and of each moment takes a lot of practice.


Those priceless 10 minutes, just sitting in the dark holding that sweet warm hand was all the reminder I needed, for the moment. . .

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