Mustard Greens & Broccoli & a Survey

Mustard Greens & Broccoli & a Survey

broccoli and white beansThese are the green bits of inspiration I’ve had all week thanks to my neighborhood farmers’ market. I document all these experiments as I continue to improve my Seasonal Recipe Collection to provide a deep, beautiful resource to anyone who likes to cook, wants to cook more, eat more vegetables, get out of a rut, save money, etc. And here’s a super short survey I’d love to have you fill out if you do subscribe to the Recipe Collection (and you’ll be entered to win a treat from me)! And if you don’t, maybe you’d like to subscribe or give a subscription to a friend as a gift that does not add clutter but makes for happy eaters!

Now back to the green inspiration . . . A pot of white beans, mostly destined for a soup to take to a friend who recently had a baby, turned into a quick lunch with nothing more than broccoli, salt and a little olive oil.

Israeli couscous with broccoli and sharp cheddar that I’d made for my son’s school lunch made enough that I could have it for lunch one day enlivened with thinly sliced, fresh mustard greens and more good olive oil.

israeli couscous with mustard greens

Said white beans were re-heated and also complemented by fresh mustard greens, hot pepper and olive oil.

Testing a new savory tart crust recipe the filling became sautéed mustard greens, garlic, eggs, nutmeg and a little milk.

Broccoli and cauliflower sautéed with cumin seeds and a bit of hot pepper and cooked until nicely browned and fragrant made a lovely side.

And finally today I made up a curry of daikon and mustard greens to populate the new “daikon” page on my Seasonal Recipe Collection.  Daikon is fairly new to me and I’m finding all sorts of delicious ways to use this radish in the brassica family that is loaded with Vitamin C, calcium and also sorts of good things, not to mention plenty of crunch!

daikon mustard green curry

These things all took minutes to make and were good, simple dishes. The vegetables were flavorful and bright and I’m reminded, as I am every winter, just what vibrant, green vegetables we have in addition to the fabulously flexible and nourishing winter squashes and roots.

Happy cooking!

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