Zucchini Lemon Bundt Cake

Let’s be honest, if we really want to use up a lot of zucchini we should make ratatouille or zucchini fritters or myriad other savory dishes that can be the centerpiece of a meal. Zucchini bread/cake does not really use up that much, or maybe I just don’t have the right recipes. However, this cake I've adapted from David Lebovitz is worth making, and it uses 3 small-medium zucchini, which might make a dent if you have a backlog of zucchini, and is just so delicious it might as well be the centerpiece of a meal! I've added more zucchini, lemon zest and have reduced the sugar. With the crunchy glaze it seems plenty sweet enough for me.   ... Read more »

Almond Cake with Marionberries or Blackberries

This cake is moist and slightly dense thanks to the addition of almond flour. It’s rich, buttery flavor is a perfect complement for tart marionberries or blackberries, but really any berry would be delicious.  Serves 8... Read more »

Grated Apple Snack Cake

I was going for a not-too sweet apple dessert reminiscent of German and Italian apple pudding-cake like concoctions I grew up with, but a bit more cake-like. The addition of the sprinkle of brown sugar in the pan and the fresh nutmeg gives it a hint of Americana and cake doughnut flavor. All the fresh apples give it some weight but it's sill more cake than pudding! ... Read more »

Rice Custard

My husband learned to make this when he was 12. I think the recipe originally came from an old Fannie Farmer cookbook. I've now been making it for 25 years and it's absolutely to die for and so quick. It's fantastic as is but if you have some fruit compote or not-very-thick jam you can top it with a little of that or sliced fresh fruit.  ... Read more »

Blackberry Slump

The winey, warm taste of bubbling blackberries topped with the simplest possible biscuit-like crust is the epitome of summer desserts. I’m sure juicy peaches and/or plums would work well as would other berries.   If you are using frozen fruit or very juicy fruit you can mix the 1/3 cup sugar with 1 tablespoon cornstarch and then mix it with the fruit.  ... Read more »

Apple and Pear Crisp

Simple, delicious!  ... Read more »

Apple Dumpling

This is my mother’s recipe and I’m not sure where she found it or how she’s adapted it. You can use your favorite biscuit dough recipe or the simple one below that’s inspired by the Joy of Cooking. Be forewarned that you may find yourself eating too much of this or making it several times in a row or making lifelong friends with whomever you share it.   ... Read more »