Garlicky Spinach with Chickpeas and Miso Tahini Sauce

If you have home cooked or canned chickpeas on hand, this comes together very quickly. The sauce is versatile and keeps for a week so make plenty to use in other ways. Use other tender greens like mustard or turnips greens or even mizuna or tatsoi if you don't have spinach.   You can scale this up but don't skimp on the greens. You want plenty per serving and they cook down so much.  ... Read more »

Mustard Greens Frittata

I often add all sorts of things to my frittatas--cleaning out the crisper, using up leftover herbs, etc. This frittata is notable for its simplicity. You can omit the cheese too and it will be lighter and the greens even more distinct. Both ways are delicious and the fresh, slightly bitter and peppery note of the mustard greens is prominent--which I love.  ... Read more »

Kale and Mustard Green Salad with Peanut Dressing

  This salad is strong, vivid and almost rich thanks to the peanut dressing. You can use a variety of greens in this flexible template (see Variations below).  ... Read more »