Grated Apple Snack Cake

I was going for a not-too sweet apple dessert reminiscent of German and Italian apple pudding-cake like concoctions I grew up with, but a bit more cake-like. The addition of the sprinkle of brown sugar in the pan and the fresh nutmeg gives it a hint of Americana and cake doughnut flavor. All the fresh apples give it some weight but it's sill more cake than pudding! ... Read more »

Black Radish, Carrot, Collard Green and Apple Salad with Toasted Walnuts

I love this combination of disparate flavors. Toast the walnuts a bit longer than you might typically--the hint of char is delicious here. ... Read more »

Apple Dumpling

This is my mother’s recipe and I’m not sure where she found it or how she’s adapted it. You can use your favorite biscuit dough recipe or the simple one below that’s inspired by the Joy of Cooking. Be forewarned that you may find yourself eating too much of this or making it several times in a row or making lifelong friends with whomever you share it.   ... Read more »