What People Are Saying

"You consistently provide me with new ways of using old favorites, and remind me of flavor combinations I had forgotten about, or not yet thought to try. The recipes are blessedly concise and unintimidating. The whole site feels comfortable, fresh, and nourishing."
"Cook With What You Have has been a game changer in the kitchen for both my husband and me. We love great food and mostly love to cook! But it's a blessing not to have to make a lot of decisions or spend tons of time thinking about what to make for dinner when I'm very busy and on my work grind. CWWYH has frequently prevented us from wasting the gorgeous, farmer's market produce we spend our hard-earned dollars on. Gone are the days where that produce rots away in the fridge. I usually have nearly everything Katherine's recipe requires in my fridge and pantry, and if not, I can easily find a substitute for most ingredients, as her recipes encourage. Thank you, Katherine for this delicious, beautiful, practical site that has freed up so much of our headspace and time!"
"When perusing Katherine's recipes, I read "kale" or "broccoli" or "arugula" as "any green;" rice or potatoes or farro as "any grain/potato/pasta," etcetera. How awesome is that? I can cook almost anything!"
"I don't know what I would do without access to your recipes and inspiration. THANK YOU for continuing to encourage and inspire. Without your organizational tips this family would dissolve into an unhealthy chaos. My husband is a cancer survivor (going on 5 years this September) and a solid organ transplant recipient, so we really can't risk slipping into unhealthy eating habits. Plus, we have a newly-vegetarian teenage daughter who is thriving on your salad combinations."
"Just a quick note to say that we finished dinner with your Winter Salad (plus lamb chops), and it was fabulous! After several servings each, we stood and downed the rest while rinsing dishes! We love most of your salads, but this was a total bell-ringer for us!"
--Dave & Barbara
"I love Katherine's recipes and cooking tips! Cook With What You Have is my go to source for simple recipes that are delicious and easy to make."