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Explore 900+ recipes and tips to make something delicious and simple any day of the week:

  • Make a dish that will give you leftovers to take to work.
  • Find inspiration for random vegetables in your fridge.
  • Find recipes for picky, vegetable skeptics.
  • Get pantry stocking tips so you can always make something!
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find recipes?

  • Click on the RECIPES button in main menu bar and choose a vegetable from the sidebar. Scan the “A Place to Start” box for some simple or classic recipes, or continue scrolling for all recipes that include that vegetable.
  • Use the SEARCH box in the upper right corner to find a particular dish like salad, soup, sauce or an ingredient like chicken, quinoa, rice, ginger.
  • Use the RECIPE CHARACTERISTICS tags under the vegetable list to search for recipes with certain characteristics such as vegan or template or gluten free, etc.
  • Go to the IDEAS page (in main menu bar) to find recipe groupings such as “Kid-Friendly Meals” or “Creative Salads."

I have certain dietary needs. Is there a way to filter recipes that fit my needs?

  • Many of the recipes can act as templates and be customized to fit your needs. Most of the recipes are focused on vegetables with elements such as meat, dairy, or grains that can be added or removed as desired. Additionally, you can use the RECIPE CHARACTERISTICS tag in the sidebar to filter recipes by things like vegan or gluten free or eggs no dairy, etc.

Is there a way to save or organize my favorite recipes?

  • On each recipe there is a SAVE RECIPE button at the right of the recipe title. If you click this button, the recipe will be saved to your sidebar under MY RECIPE BOX.

What if I have a question about a particular recipe or the site in general?

  • You can leave comments in the comment box at the end of a recipe or contact CWWYH through the Contact tab in the main menu bar or email [email protected]
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